How to Achieve High Sound Qualities When Making an Audio Conference Call

When you make an audio conference call, you are entirely dependent on sound alone thus you have to make sure that it is of high quality. Everyone can participate in an audio conference since it is easy to use as well as the set up.

Audio conferencing helps in a variety of ways particularly for employees to save on time and on the organization they can save more in terms of money since there will be times when people no longer need to travel just to attend a meeting.

With one set-up of the equipment used in making an audio conferencing, you can now conduct meetings. But you must make sure that everyone can hear what the speaker is saying. Thus, it is very important that you choose the right audio conferencing system. There are certain things you need to consider in your selection. It may require you to shell out some money. But remember it also reduces travel time so in the end it is cost-efficient.

To achieve high quality of sound, you must make sure that your sound system is of quality by testing it. Poor sound quality will only make conducting a meeting that is useless since not everyone can understand what is being said.

If you are searching for a conference calling system, keep in mind that you are looking at a model with gain control and echo cancellation. This assures clarity to better communicate within an audio conference call.

Another thing to remember in setting up audio conferencing systems is monitoring devices. Some systems provide the option of you being able to monitor what locations are logged on through the use of a computer screen and conference phone.

You should also evaluate prior to making a purchase of an audio conference system based on how it can integrate with your current communication system. Trust the experts to install the system in this way your existing communication system is properly integrated with audio conference system.

Before signing up for an audio conference system, make sure it offers various testing services to conferencing clients, both in integration with the current communication system and whether the equipment is working at its highest level of performance.

These are things to be considered so you can make sure that the meeting through an audio conference call is successful.

The Sherlock Holmes Guide to Conference Call Etiquette

When it comes to holding meetings through a conference call, one would assume the same level of etiquette expected in a physical meeting would be what is expected in a conferencing meeting. The truth is holding meetings through conference calls requires a high level of etiquette because there are different factors that play into how the individuals in the meeting are perceived and understood.

“There is nothing more deceptive than obvious fact.”

When it comes to manners, particularly in business meetings, there are obvious things you should and should not do. Everybody knows they should not speak over others, and they should wait their turn to speak. But there are additional manners beyond the obvious to keep in mind when sitting in on a conference call meeting.

“American slang is very expressive sometimes.”

It is important to keep in mind that without being able to see facial expressions, words can take on a whole new meaning. When participating in a conference call, you should be careful you do not use expressions that may be taken the wrong way as it will be much more difficult to fix. In addition you may not even realize you have offended anyone, considering you are unable to read them, and this could end up being a major problem in the long run.

“To let the brain work without sufficient material is like racing an engine. It racks itself to pieces.”

The last thing you want to do is waste everyone’s time by holding a conference call meeting about nothing. It is important to get right to the point about the subject at hand and to provide everybody with enough information to come to an informed conclusion at the end of the meeting. It is bad manners to waste the time of people who have plenty to do, and you will gain some respect for doing so.

“It is of the first importance not to allow your judgment to be biased by personal qualities.”

Giving everyone in a conference call meeting the same level of respect is extremely important. Assuming certain individuals have nothing worthwhile to add could mean missing out on something important but could also change the way people think about you as well. Decide who has something to contribute to your meeting by listening to what they have to say rather than only listening to who you want to hear.

“Any truth is better than indefinite doubt.”

For conference call meetings to be successful everyone needs to commit to the same level of etiquette and respect. If you as a manager feel someone is not living up to those expectations, you should be honest with that person and discuss the issue. It may be a simple matter of miscommunication about expectations. So why leave the matter hanging in a cloud of doubt?

The idea of conference calling is hardly mysterious and neither are the many uses for it. It is important to approach this useful tool with the idea that everyone will have to master how to use it. Conference call etiquette is a good place to begin.

Never Multitask on a Conference Call

Conference calls are quickly becoming the general way of doing business with people around the world. With the advent of this service, the incidence of conference calls has shot up manifold. How to set up conference call is very simple which further adds to the popularity of conference calls.

Making contact has become easy and there is no longer any need for your physical presence every time. This is definitely a big boon, but the lack of face to face contact can make participants a little lax as well. Indeed, many people think that they can get away with doing almost anything while attending a conference call.

For instance, you may think that you can send that pending email to your subordinates while listening to the other participants as they discuss the timeline for the new project. Or maybe, finish signing the papers with one ear on the ongoing debate. Especially when you are not involved in a discussion, it is very tempting to complete pending tasks in the meanwhile.

And this is quite commonplace. According to a 2013 Meeting Behavior Survey, 92% of information workers admit to multitasking during meetings, and 41% of respondents say they do it often or all of the time.

You may be trying to save time or get more work done. Alas, neither works as you end up just wasting your own time and that of others as well. This is because you are bound to get diverted with the other work and will lose track of what people are saying on the conference call. It gets quite embarrassing when someone has to prompt you to give your input or even worse, you have to ask someone to repeat a question that was posed to you!

What’s more, the sound of typing, shuffling papers or even chewing can easily carry over the air waves and everyone will know that you are doing something else even while the call is in progress. This can distract other participants or even disrupt the ongoing proceedings. Muting the call is an option, but it often happens that you may forget to mute or later unmute the call, leading to problems galore.

So, being out of sight does not mean that you can make it out of mind as well – or even get other things on your mind. When a conference call is in progress, you should give your full attention and participate actively without getting diverted with other tasks. Even when you take notes or do something else, ensure that you do not make too much noise.

So, be it a free conference call service or a paid one, the call demands your complete concentration and consideration. Give as much attention to what is going on in the call as you would when say, learning how to set up conference call. The mails, the files and even the sandwich can wait until later…