Fat Body Is a Heritage or a Lifestyle?

“Battle your biology? Fat chance!” is a headline from The New York Post was released a few days ago. Quote from difference research nutritionists and doctor, in those articles, written factor genetic (a.k.a ancestry) can influence someone’s weight. If you getting fat easier, that is not your fault 100%. That’s true? Dr. James Rosen, a professor from The University of Vermont said, “We’re know that from the outside environment factor and behavior, genetic is common issued to determine someone weight”. Genetic will be influence for weight and made someone’s had heritage behavior from their parents. Then, the best way to prevent your weight increase fast is take an responsible for yourself and keep try doing change. Remember, even though genetically heritage, become fat could be prevented.

Fat and type of body
In 1930, Dr. William H. Sheldon a Psychologist from Harvard invented classification system for difference of kind body which is called “Somatotyping”. Somatotyping is classification system based on each body type were divided into 3 different types, consist of: ectomorph, mesomorphs and endomorph. Ectomorph is thin body shape. The owner of this body usually has a fast metabolism and low body fat. Even when eating a lot of food even once, their weight is difficult to grow. Mesomorph is athletic body shape with a solid body and tend to be muscular. This body type is usually the most convenient form of the body and gain muscle mass. Endomorph is someone’s who tend to overweight, has less of muscle mass and a lot of fat. Someone with mesomorph type easier to get fat when eat particular food. Endomorph produced much insulin when consume carbohydrate, this is why become a factor, increase fat and hard to lose weight. This condition called “insulin resistance” or “syndrome x”.

Hormone and body weight
Scientists claimed the tendency weight gain for owners Endomorph is because not balance chemical inside the brain can make someone’s want to eat over and over again. This chemical is called “ghrelin”. Ghrelin is hormone produced by cell layer P/D1 from human stomach and epsilon cell from pancreas which can stimulated hunger feelings. Ghrelin levels can increased before eat and getting lower after eat. Ghrelin can accumulation fat and especially in abdomen (obesities visceral) which can get result high blood pressure and diabetes type 2. Even though, the study said, when someone’s was gave ghrelin injection and then they will eat 30% more over than usual. Essentially, what the medical is trying to tell you, when you get over weight, that’s not only influence about yourself, but genetically you had heritage from your parents. Nutritionists and doctor suggest to decrease weight instantly without matched with diet adjustment and appropriate workout, much better avoid right now. Use drugs could never be a healthy solution. The diet experts agree if the healthiest way to lose weight is to maintain a diet, workout, with patience and persistence.

Everyone can lose weight
Dr. Thomas wadden, a phycology from syracus university said, “If you have genetic tendency obesity, you can decrease fat like someone else. No one is destined to be fat, because in essence everyone can lose weight “. “your just work harder than before and longer rather than someone else, the result may not getting thin as you as imagine, but you can lose your weight”, wadden said. Is not be nice if you give up when you have factor genetic. Bring up the reasons that make you surrender and do not want to do anything to lose weight even make the weight increase. So, start taking responsibility and make healthy changes in life that ‘legacy fat’ does not haunt you forever.